‘Hands on’ physiotherapists serving our local community since 1987

About Us

City South Physiotherapy specialises in the assessment and treatment of sports and spinal injuries. We have physiotherapists who will be able to assist with a diagnosis and offer advice and treatment for your pain or injury.

With physiotherapists who currently provide services to the Carlton Football Club (AFL) and Port Melbourne Football Club (VFL), we can use our elite experience to give everyone the best advice and treatment programs to assist with rehabilitation and recovery, for all levels of sport. We can help you return to your normal activities at work and home.

We see many clients with work and lifestyle related back and neck pain. We diagnose the source of the pain and provide effective treatment programs to assist with recovery. Prevention of a reoccurrence in the future is extremely important so postural re-education and clinical exercise programs also play an important role. Clinical exercises will be prescribed following assessment, so they are specifically tailored for each individual to help achieve optimum recovery and treatment outcomes.

Our physiotherapists treat many patients with pain resulting from overuse or acute injuries. Overuse injuries can cause pain and be related to repetitive activities in the workplace, sport or daily life. This may be neck pain associated with prolonged sitting at a computer, back pain from constant bending or shoulder pain from frequent overhead arm activities.

We can also assist with acute injuries such as a sudden onset of back pain whilst lifting, knee pain whilst twisting, a sprained ankle or calf muscle tear.